biltong vs jerky

Biltong vs Jerky

What the heck is biltong?

If you’ve never heard of biltong before, I’m sure you’re wondering if it’s a thing you can buy, use, or enjoy.

…Turns out it’s all three!

Biltong is a process of air drying meat that is growing increasingly popular in America. This form of natural preservation has actually been around for a few centuries, and it yields super tasty results–tender slices of lean beef.

Biltong was created by necessity: In the 1600s, a group of Dutch explorers traveled to the South African Cape of Good Hope. Finding hunting to be scarce, folks inevitably got hungry (and maybe a little bit hangry). They needed to find a sustainable, pain-free way to meet their snack needs.

Thus, biltong was born.

How does biltong compare to jerky, you ask?

Jerky products are preserved via salt baths and sugar-loaded marinades, then baked over high-heat. This oven-baked process increases the risk of carcinogens forming (via nitrates). Not to mention, it locks moisture into the meat, causing it to feel greasy inside and tough outside.

If you’re still wondering what the heck biltong is good for, here are the facts: the taste, texture and tenderness are unmatched. Biltong is protein-packed and virtually carb and sugar free. It’s all natural and contains absolutely no nitrates, preservatives MSG, or gluten. Bring biltong wherever you go, and you’ll never go hungry!

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