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7 Tips for Busy Moms During the Holidays

Life is always busy, but the holidays register on a whole ‘nother level—and, Mom, we know that you’re feeling the most heat. After all of the gift shopping, wrapping and giving, you need to take care of you!

Here are 7 tips to make sure the most wonderful time of the year stays that way:

    1. Wake Up Early. If you have a busy day of holiday festivities ahead, make sure you start with enough time to get through your morning routine at a steady pace. Keeping up with your daily rituals will ground you through anything unexpected that might occur throughout the day.
    2. Eat Breakfast and Drink Plenty of Water. There’s nothing worse than a mid-morning hangry headache. Eat a high protein breakfast to make sure you stay full longer, and drink plenty of water. Aim for half of your body weight in ounces. Often fatigue is brought on by dehydration and over 75% of the US is chronically dehydrated. Nourish yo-self!
    3. Spend 30 Minutes Planning Your Week. Each Sunday, plan out your weekly to-dos…that way, there’s less surprises in the week to come. Make your life easier and grocery shop just once a week. Also, Dad’s not off the hook, either—if there are an exceptional amount of holiday errands to get done, make sure to divide and conquer the chores so that EVERYONE can enjoy themselves later.
    4. Get a Workout in. Even if it’s 10 minutes in your living room, office or backyard, a simple go-to is a circuit of air squats, push-ups, crunches and lunges 4x through.


    1. Keep Snacks on You, Seriously! Toss some sliced biltong in your bag and get going with your day. For best results, skip the sugary sweets the holidays are known for…your body will thank you.
    2. Rest, Relax, and Repeat! When the holiday rush is all go, go, go, make sure you take the time to slow down. Read a book, take a bath, or go on a walk—find your moment of peace and quiet during this busy holiday season.
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  • Embrace Saying No. Don’t over-commit yourself to EVERY holiday party, dinner, or play date. It’s not worth it! The holidays are a time of joy, contentment, and family—if you don’t have time to breathe, what are the chances that you’re actually enjoying yourself?
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