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Biltong FAQ

What is Biltong?

Biltong is a centuries old process of preserving meat that originated in South Africa. This unique, air-dried process ensures that our beef always retains full flavor and tenderness. Our biltong also boasts an exceptionally clean nutrition fact panel, so we invite you to snack guilt free!

Is Biltong Jerky?

Biltong is better than jerky, it’s what jerky wants to be! Biltong is NEVER injected with sugar-laden marinades or nasty preservatives, and it’s NEVER dehydrated over high heat. Instead it’s air dried, resulting in a tender, flavorful beef snack with a texture similar to prosciutto.

How is Biltong Made?

It’s simple! Top round beef is seasoned with vinegar and dry rubbed with simple spices before it is hung to air dry at room temperature for up to two weeks. Once dried, we slice it ultra-thin for easy to eat tender pieces every time. Season, dry, slice, that’s it!

Why is Biltong “Better Than Jerky”?

Each bag of biltong has 50% more protein than jerky, 0g sugar, and nothing artificial. There are no nitrates, no artificial colors, no preservatives, no MSG, and it’s totally gluten free.

Why Is There So Much More Protein in Biltong Than Jerky?

Since biltong is made without being pumped full of artificially flavored syrups, there is actually more meat per ounce of biltong than per ounce of jerky. In fact, biltong has almost 50% less water than jerky. Bottomline, you get more meat and less filler!

I’m Keto, Can I Eat Biltong?

For sure! Each 2.25oz bag of biltong has zero sugar, zero carbs and 36 grams of protein! You’ll have to find your fat elsewhere, though, because our protein is lean!

Where is Stryve’s Biltong Made?

Our biltong is proudly produced right here in the great U.S. of A!

What's the shelf life of your products?

All of our products have a 12 month shelf life! Perfect for stocking up and storing with no need to refrigerate. Because biltong will continue to dry once opened, we recommend eating within 3 days to ensure every bite is fresh and delicious.

I LOVE YOUR BRAND! How can I rep you guys?

We love you too! If you are interested in becoming a brand ambassador or would like to partner with us, please email

I Want To Sell Stryve in My Store!

Now that is a great idea! Email to get wholesale pricing.

What’s Your Shipping Policy?

All of our orders are processed in 3-5 business and ship via USPS. More details about our shipping policy can be found here.

Where Is My Order?

Oh no! Don’t go hungry, email and we will track it for you!

How Does One Stryve On?

Stryving on means something different to everybody, but regardless of what your days may hold, life is always easier to tackle on a full stomach. So, grab a bag of your favorite biltong and carry on with your errands, your workout, your housework, your biking, your work, your swim, your gardening, your hike, your laundry, your homework, your yoga, your parenting, your training, your EVERYTHING. You do you, just don’t do it hungry!