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Stryve Biltong is the Best of Healthy Snacks 2022

Posted on MARCH 01, 2022

Peppered Beef Biltong

Food media outlet Eat This, Not That! rated the top healthy snacks for 2022 and Stryve’s Peppered Biltong came in on top among a number of top contenders from all corners of the food pyramid. With a focus on cooking fatigue and restaurant restrictions being top reasons why people are in need more than ever for healthy snack alternatives, 13 categories featured some new names and some pantry staples to satisfy those sweet or savory cravings.

The aptly branded leading authority in food, nutrition, and health gave a spotlight to the Peppered Biltong and we couldn’t agree more with the expert’s review: “Meat snacks can make for a great choice for people who are focused on eating protein-rich snacks without a ton of carbs. But unfortunately, many options can be loaded with nitrates and nitrites—ingredients that have been linked to some unsavory health outcomes. This biltong uses vinegar as a preservative instead of what we commonly see used in jerkys and other meat snacks, making this option a safer choice when supporting your overall health."

Stryve’s Peppered Biltong was officially dubbed 2022’s healthiest meat snack and for good reason–100% premium grade farm-to-table beef is air dried to perfection and free of sugar, nitrates, and preservatives. Learn more about this award and see if any of these other items have made it into your snack cabinet.