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Healthy Avocado Biltong Bowl Recipe
Sliced Biltong

Protein Packed Salad with Avocado and Biltong


When you’re craving a delicious hearty bowl of veggies, but need protein - in comes air-dried beef biltong to the rescue!

@devotedexistence shares her formula for the perfect salad: greens + veggies + a fat source + a carb source + a protein source. We couldn't agree more. Just add a handful of your favorite sliced biltong on top of your salad bowl and you've got a match made in heaven - better than bacon, not to mention healthier!


  1. Fill your bowl with greens of choice
  2. Add cucumbers, avocado, and baked sweet potatoes
  3. Top with your favorite flavor of Stryve biltong.

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Sliced Biltong
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Sliced Biltong
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