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What is Biltong?

Posted on NOVEMBER 06, 2020

Biltong Is...

...a process for preserving meat that originated centuries ago in South Africa. Biltong can be made from different types of meats ranging from beef to different game meats. Biltong is seasoned meat that is hung up to air-dry. Once done air-drying, slices are cut from the slab and thoroughly enjoyed as a snack or added to meals for additional protein and tastiness.


"100% premium grade beef biltong is made from high quality steaks sourced from local American ranchers."

How is Biltong Made

Stryve’s 100% premium grade beef biltong is made from high quality steaks sourced from local American ranchers. High quality steaks are washed in tangy vinegar then seasoned with one of our signature dry rubs. No artificial flavoring – all natural, all flavorful.

One of the biggest differences between beef biltong and beef jerky is the drying process. While beef jerky is blasted with heat, tender beef biltong slabs are hung in a humidity-controlled room, where they’re air-dried to preserve their nutritional integrity. We’re all about preservation (but not preservatives)!

Finally, the air-dried beef biltong slabs are sliced against the grain into thin, delicious, easy-to-eat bites. Another difference versus jerky – you won’t have to bear your fangs or give yourself whiplash to enjoy a bite.

Is Biltong Jerky? Biltong vs Jerky

Biltong and jerky are both ways to cure meat. However, they can vastly differ in ingredients, drying process, texture, nutrition, and price.

Stryve biltong is made with beef, salt, black pepper, coriander, and vinegar; along with other natural spices that make up our different flavor dry rubs. Surprisingly, a lot of beef jerkies available are made primarily of beef, water, and sugar as their main ingredients. This typically results in a price difference as well, since it’s more expensive to produce pure dried beef versus dried beef with fillers.

Beef biltong is hung up to air-dry, maintaining meat and nutritional integrity in the final stage. Beef jerky is typically dehydrated/smoked over heat, essentially cooking out the nutritional benefits of beef. At an attempt to process meat quicker, jerky is actually comprising its potential nutritional value.

Beef biltong is air dried as a full beef slab and then sliced thin against the grain resulting in pieces about the size of your pinky and a texture softer than jerky, and similar to a thick prosciutto. Beef jerky is cut into pieces prior to drying and has texture results that vary from very dry to leathery.

Let’s talk about biltong’s magical macros. Beef jerky on average has 11g protein, 1g fat, 6g carbs, 6g sugar and 80 calories per 1oz serving. Stryve beef biltong, on the other hand, boasts 16g protein, 2g fat, 0g carbs, 0g sugar, and 90 calories per 1oz serving.