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Why Biltong is the Perfect Lunch Pack Snack

Posted on MARCH 09, 2022

Protein Snacks for School

When looking for a convenient and healthy school snack for their children, most parents seek foods that are low in sugar, fat and nut-free. They also aim to find something high in protein because of the nutrient’s ability to help a child’s body build cells, fight infection, carry oxygen and create energy. The search is finally over.

Meet biltong: beef jerky’s attractive, fun-loving and athletic younger brother. Even more protein-packed than jerky, biltong is taking the stage—for good reason. With a 12-month shelf life and no need to refrigerate, these snacks are perfect to pop into your child’s lunchbox. Here’s why.

American Grass-Fed Beef

Stryve’s biltong begins as 100% premium grade beef—top round to be exact, one of the leanest cuts of the cow. This meat is then marinated in vinegar to kill unwanted bacteria and seasoned with one of many housemade dry rubs (you’ll be able to find a flavor that even your pickiest child will love).

Our beef is sourced from local American farmers and seasoned, dried and sliced all at our homebase in Madill, Oklahoma. Because we use such a lean cut of the cow, our biltong is extremely low in fat and very high in protein (each 2oz pouch has 16 grams!) making it an ideal addition to your child’s lunch. Their bodies will thank you during recess, PE and after-school sports. Snack solution: Make a few finger sandwiches with lettuce, tomato and biltong for a well-balanced midday munch.

Zero Sugar Added

We are just going to say it: conventional jerky has so much sugar. Next time you’re at the grocery store grabbing a pack of Stryve, check out the nutrition facts on a bag of jerky. It’s shocking. Thankfully, biltong has absolutely no added sugar. It also is free of gluten and carbs as well. Pure protein for strong and growing kids. Snack solution: Serve as part of a snack plate with crackers and cheese.

All Natural

From the ingredients to the production process, these biltong snacks are completely natural. Since the method of air drying is used, there are absolutely none of the following:

  • fillers
  • additives
  • preservatives
  • nitrates
  • artificial colors
  • MSG

Impressed yet? Regular beef jerky is pumped with filler syrups and then heated to dehydrate the meat. Our process of allowing the meat to air dry lends itself to a more tender bite that contains its original nutritious values. We really mean it when we say this—the process of air drying for up to two weeks may take awhile but we aren't in a rush. We know our patience pays off as it allows for our biltong to have over 50% more protein than your average jerky. As an added bonus, the meat is also more tender making it easier to eat and definitely more flavorful! Snack solution: Along with some carrots and cucumbers, dip it into hummus and enjoy.

As a stand alone snack or added in to create a balanced meal, our biltong fits perfectly into your child’s lunch box. Check out our website for more delicious snack and meal ideas.