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Eight Unique Beef Biltong Uses

Posted on JANUARY 20, 2022

Our beef biltong sticks make for a delicious and healthy snack on its own, but when paired with other flavors it can be even better!

Read on to learn about a few unique ways you can utilize beef biltong in your cooking and munching adventures that just might forever change the way you enjoy this savory snack

1. In a Salad

Say goodbye to boring salads! Sliced biltong makes the perfect topping for your favorite salads and is even a great substitute for bacon. Some of our favorite recipes include this protein packed salad with avocado and biltong or this biltong Thai salad that are both sure to be crowd pleasers.

2. On a Charcuterie Board

It’s time to up your charcuterie game. Biltong variety packs are a great way to add some flavor and much needed protein to your board. The different flavors and bite-size pieces are ideal for a grazing board and pair well with cheese, dried fruits, and dips.

3. In a Sandwich

Don’t know what to do with a biltong slab? Put it in a sandwich! Our original flavored, half-pound biltong slab provides the most tender, melt-in-your-mouth slices of beef that are ideal for making your favorite sandwich.

4. On a Baked Potato

Bacon is a classic baked potato topping, but it’s also greasy and notoriously not the best for you. Try beef biltong pieces on your baked potato and you won’t be going back to bacon anytime soon.

5. As a Pizza Topping

A new take on meat-lovers or pepperoni pizza includes beef biltong. Try adding beef biltong to your pizza! For some more spice, you can even chop up our favorite Spicy Peri Peri Beef Sticks for some additional flavor.

6. In a Frittata

Eggs and beef biltong are another great pair that you can enjoy for breakfast or brunch any day of the week. Try dicing up some Hatch Green Chili Beef Sticks to add to a frittata or quiche - we promise you’ll love it!

7. With Fondue

Want to add something savory to your next fondue night? Try dipping our Beef Stick Variety Pack into some of your favorite melted cheeses. Create your own unique flavor pairings! Beef biltong goes great with cheese, fruits, and other sweet and savory snacks for your fondue night.

8. Make Your Own Trail Mix

Trail mix is notorious for having sneaky sugar. Luckily, making your own is surprisingly easy with beef biltong! Get together your favorite flavor of biltong along with nuts, grains, and dried berries to make your own signature mix that will give you the protein you need for your next adventure.

Ready to get creative with beef biltong? Order your Stryve Biltong online today and have it at your door in no time. And if you want to gift these keto snacks to your friends and family in the new year but don’t know where to start, a Stryve gift card is perfect!